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Quality & Safety


CableVation takes quality very seriously and strive to provide products that are manufactured to exceed the expected life expectancy of their application.  We would rather provide you with a product that exceeds your expectations than provide an inferior product.  You can always expect suggestions like this from CableVation. 

Our partners, worldwide, are dedicated to providing high quality products at affordable prices.  CableVation sets high standards for their partners and they are expected to stand behind the products that they manufacture.  In order to ensure that our partners products meet and exceed our customers quality standards, CableVation provides on location quality inspection of our products before they leave our partner locations throughout the world.  The products are then re-inspected again upon arrival at our warehouse in Wisconsin. 

Safety Approvals

One of the strengths of CableVation is the knowledge and experience that we are capable of providing of safety agency approvals.  We have strong relationships within Underwriters Laboratories, so that if we may not immediately have the answer for you, CableVation is able to quickly find the answer to your safety approval questions.  CableVation will only recommend and provide products that carry the safety agency approval required of the product and/or application, unless specifically requested by our customer not to carry a safety agency approval.